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Friday, April 25th, Schlitterbahn will reveal the height of Verrückt, the world’s tallest waterslide. Up to now the exact height has been a closely guarded secret, but at a special ceremony with the Governor of Kansas, Sam Brownback, the Mayor of Kansas City, Kansas, Mark Holland, and a judge from Guinness World Records, the height will be revealed. Founding members of the Henry family (who own and operate Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts in four cities) will be on hand, along with staff, community leaders, and Schlitterbahn fans.


The waterslide went viral after a photo was leaked and videos were released. Since then people from around the world have commented, speculated, and placed the ride either on their bucket list – or on their “no way” list.

Height of Verrückt to be Unveiled Friday
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